An influential pro-ISIS group has published a graphic presenting the various methods so-called “lone wolves” can utilize to strike at infidels wherever they live.

Despite the back and forth chatter surrounding whether Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had any direct ties with the Caliphate, it appears the ISIS propaganda machine is still interested in exploiting the attack in order to encourage more in the future.

In an online graphic entitled “Islamic State Wolfs” supporters are instructed to inflict whatever injuries they can–“Shoot them, stab then, blow them (up), remmed (ram) them, throw them, intoxicate them, hit them, scream (at) them.”

Similar sentiments have been echoed in other video releases by ISIS this week, including one in Khursan province and another in the Philippines. On both occasions and in previous messages, Islamic State leaders encourage followers to act against the enemy wherever they are, even if they cannot reach Syria or Iraq.

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