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Germany: Amidst refugee influx, child brides as young as thirteen

Lawmakers in Germany are under increased pressure to tackle the country’s growing trend of child marriages, renewing the debate over whether to allow Islamic Sharia law to supersede the country’s legal system when applied to its refugee population. With the wave of more than 1.2 million migrants, mostly of the Islamic faith, coming in from Iraq and Syria, German courts are being forced to consider the legality of Muslim marriages that include girls sometimes as young as 13, Britain’s Sunday Times reported. According to estimates, the number of refugee child marriages is currently at 1,000, although activists believe the figure is much higher. In one case, authorities ruled in favor of Fatima, a pregnant 15-year-old Syrian refugee, allowing her husband, a fellow Syrian refugee more than double her age, to be accommodated in the same town so they could be near each other. Fatima


Is it too late to contain ISIS?

Is it too late to contain ISIS?

Watch the latest video at -President Obama and Vladimir Putin will have a tough time coming to an agreement on the global priority on ISIS because Putin has his own agenda regarding Syria and right now the world’s attention is obviously on what happened in Paris. -World attention is focused on where will they (ISIS) strike next? And is it too late to contain them? Are they going to do something more in Europe, will they get to the United States? -Meanwhile the issue in Syria and Iraq cannot be contained when we cannot find partners--not with Iran, not with Saudi Arabia and obviously not with Putin. -A lot of the questions that are now being asked should have been asked two years ago. And it’s not to have a doomsday view of the situation, but to understand that there are things that could be done at the source to embolden actors that could actually be

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Interviewing 2016 candidates on foreign policy. Look forward to sitting down with Dr. Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump next. Appreciate Ted Cruz dedication to human rights. Who is your foreign policy pick?